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Earth Loop

My new piece, Earth Loop is finally installed in the lift of MK Gallery. Earth Loop allows a visitor to travel through a parallel radio universe as though they have antennas as well as ears.

This was an intriguing piece to make as I had wanted to record the vibrations in the strings of a lift for some time and I have gained considerable knowledge of the workings of a hydraulic lift along the way. With the assistance of Otis engineers, I was lucky to be able to record sound inside the lift shaft by placing microphones and a recorder on the top of the roof of the lift and sending it off for a journey up and down – the first time that my recorder had made recordings by itself. It was very exciting to listen to the results on its return and hear that I had managed to capture some excellent sounds from the strings themselves.

Earth Loop is made from a collection of lift sounds, voice, sine sweep and auroral chorus and is permanently installed in MK Gallery lift. The new summer exhibition, MK Calling opened last night and runs until 8th September.

Posted: June 28th, 2013
Categories: composition, sound art, spatial, technical
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