My practice investigates the boundaries between sound and music, encompassing electroacoustic composition, sound installation, radio and theatre. I have a particular interest in the use of space as a compositional parameter and in the ways that sound articulates space and spaces influence sound. My work focuses on the exploration of voices and sounds that are obscured, silenced or are in some way absent – making imperceptible or ignored signals audible through amplification or transformation to acoustic form.

Recent work includes:
Poetics of (Outer) Space – sound installation comprising data from the NASA Kepler Mission in Perrott’s Folly, presented with Ikon Gallery and University of Birmingham
On Air, commissioned by the Open University, shortlisted for a BASCA British Composer Award 2014
Space Ham for Between the Ears, BBC Radio 3 (2013)
Oscillate, commissioned by ICA for SOUNDWORKS (2012)
5 Minute Oscillations of the Sun – 8 channel outdoor sound installation, shortlisted for a BASCA British Composer Award 2013
I spent 2014 as Leverhulme Artist in Residence with the Solar and Stellar Physics Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham.


photo: Rachael Marshall